The Grunberg Events

Grunberg Group has a sustainable relationship with VU University Amsterdam and Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE). The Grunberg method is based on the scientifically proven model of entrepreneurial competences tested in a 2011 study. The study was published by Sentini Grunberg Msc. and prof. dr. Enno Masurel in the book Entrepreneurship in Context (published by Wiley).

The Grunberg method can be divided in four steps:

1. Concept

Whether you have an existing event or you want to set up a program or meeting from scratch. In collaboration we create a custom-made event. Is it a one time event or a yearly gathering? Is it a long-term program with multiple events spread over a period of time? Corporate events, masterclasses, networking events, charity events, fundraisers, kick off event, it is all possible. We completely take care of the concept development, graphic design, including logo, event identity, event website etc.

2. Speakers

From our own network we have an extensive group of professional speakers and chairmen. In addition, we work in close collaboration with various speakers bureaus.

3. Promotion

We specialise in promotion, marketing and targeting specific audiences for your event. For example if you organise an event to reach potential clients or future employees. Bringing them together in one room to educate them about your product, services and vision is a cost-effective way. We use online marketing tools, social media, press releases in local media outlets and in-company ethernet to reach your audience.

4. Management

Coordinating and negotiating all event logistics with vendors and suppliers including contracts, design, services, printing, shipping, etc. Managing event budgets and expenses effectively; maximising value while mitigating risks and costs. We manage the event onsite with projectmanagers and hostesses.

5. Monitoring

To ensure high quality we monitor feedback from the visitors. After the event we have evaluations with the event team and client.

For international companies or event organizers who want to organise events in the Netherlands. We have an extensive network of vendors, professionals and knowhow to reach your specific target market.

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