Founder of Grunberg Group

Sentini Grunberg Msc. is the founder of Grunberg Group. Grunberg Group is a rebrand of the company formerly known as InMovement and was founded in 2008. In 2010 Grunberg Group started with organising events at top 500 corporates to help employees maximise their potential. The events and programs were mostly targeted on workplace wellness for employees and networking events for entrepreneurs and small and medium sized business. Over the years we have (co-)organised a variety of events. Some of them are nationally known such as the Freelancer Of The Year Awards and the Zaai entrepreneurship program. Our events range from small gatherings with a handful of attendees to large events with thousands of visitors.

We believe

At Grunberg Group we believe in inspiring people to connect with each other. Constant and never ending improvement regarding our events are essential in creating the best experience. We understand the science of dealing with various group sizes and how to manage the energy in the room on our events accordingly. In close collaboration with our clients we make sure that the event program has great variety and the attendee engagement is high in order to create a brilliant atmosphere. We believe in using the latest innovative solutions to create a smooth event program in a cost-effective manner.

Our people

At Grunberg Group we have an extensive background in event management, planning and coordination, online marketing, social media management, reaching specific target groups, web development, graphic design, hosting, speaking, professional photography and filming. We believe in the value of multiple perspectives and therefore are happy to work with a broad range of venues, consultants, digital media experts, copywriters, graphic designers, on-site event managers and developed partnerships with a team of freelancers and companies with whom we love to collaborate.

Our values

Our core values are:

Inspiration, Connection and Excellence

We love to challenge ourselves and get to know our customers intensively in order to work together as a solid team.

Challenge Us to Challenge You.