Business Networking Events

We organise events for corporates, entrepreneurs and municipalities starting with the online presence of a brand.
With our knowledge and experience of organising events for hundreds and thousands of visitors, and attracting the right target groups online as well as offline, we are able to empower businesses.

What we do

We work as a one stop shop for your event or meeting sequence. We can support you in one or more of the specific area’s or you can choose to have the total event-in-a-box package. It is up to you!


Our latest projects

May 2016 |
IMC Weekendschool

Provided the event host

May 2016 |
FCN Leaders on Stage

Co-creation in concept development and host

April 2016 |
Zaai Entrepreneurship Program

Gemeente Amstelveen & Haarlemmermeer
Developed custom-made event concept, provided speakers and hosts, organised multiple kick off events masterclasses and networking events in various municipalities, press releases in local media, targeting audience on social media, evaluation of process.

April 2016 |
Freelancer Of The Year Awards

Victor Mundi
Promotion of the event through social media, written articles, national news outlets, providing the host evaluation of concept.

Oktober 2015 |
Rabobank Let's Get Connected!

Sentini Grunberg

Our clients